Buy a Button Badge Machine

Why should you choose a button badge machine from Badge World?

Badge World is a trusted Australian business

Our button badge machines are well designed and easy to use

The purchase of one base set gives you the flexibility to purchase multiple size molds rather than buying a single size button badge maker. ( A big financial saving if you are making different badges of different sizes)

The mold sizes available are 25mm (1 inch), 32mm (1.25 inch) and 58mm (2.25 inch)

Purchase a "starter kit" * from Badge World with a single size mold set and get a paper cutter for free, saving you up to 39.95 + gst off our already low prices

Our components are the cheapest in Australia

We challenge you to find cheaper button badge component packs! If you do we will discount the lower price by 5%

A starter kit includes:

One  multi size machine base set

One 25mm, 32mm or 58mm mold set

One pack of 100 components of your chosen mold size

One multi-size paper cutter ( free

FreeCall 1800 141 662 to order a starter kit including your free multi cutter

Click here to purchase button badge machines, molds and components

Click here to download badge machine assembly instructions

Click here to download badge making instructions

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