Standard Reusable and Conference Name Badges

Luminaire Reusable Badge, Medium and LargeLuminaire Reusable Badge, Small. Not availableLuminaire Large, Size 75x40mmReusable logo badgesReusable Blank plastic badgesConference CardsPlastic Insert Tags with Fastener (92x60mm)

Reusable Badge Range

'Luminaire' name badge

Two size choices

Medium : 75mm x 32mm

Large: 75mm x 40mm

Inserts available for both sizes

Strong magnet fastener is standard

Printed logo badges

Colours include white, silver and gold sparkle

Size 1 - 76mm x 25mm

Size 2 - 85mm x 54mm

Choice of fastener types including pin, magnet and clip/pin combo 

Blank plastic badges

Size 1 - 76mm x 25mm

Size 2 - 85mm x 54mm

Comprehesive  colour options

Fastener options include magnet, pin and clip/pin combo 

Conference Badges

Full colour name badges with a range of fastener options including magnets and pins

Blank conference insert acrylic badges with clip/pin fastener

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