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    NAME BADGE_EXECUTIVE_WHITE METAL COMPOSITE_LOGO AND NAME.jpg Logo + Name This name badge has a logo together with names and titles
    classic_colour_name_badge_logo_only.jpg Logo only This badge has a logo and no changing names or titles
    NAME BADGE_EXECUTIVE_WHITE METAL COMPOSITE_NAME ONLY.jpg Name Only This option has changing names and titles but no artwork
  • (2) Choose your base colour...Base Colour

    classic_colour_name_badge_colour_white_glaze.jpg White base with doming White base combined with protective resin doming
    classic_colour_name_badge_colour_matte_silver2.jpg Matt silver with doming Matt silver foil with protective resin doming
    classic_colour_name_badge_colour_brushed_silver2.jpg Brushed silver with doming Brushed silver foil with protective resin doming
    classic_colour_name_badge_colour_brushed-gold2.jpg Brushed gold with doming Brushed gold foil with protective resin doming
    classic_colour_name_badge_colour_white2.jpg White Base ( No Doming) White base without protective resin doming
  • (3) How about badge size?Size

    executive_name_badge_size_76x25mm.gif 76mm x 25mm The 76mm x 25mm name badge is the most popular size
    executive_name_badge_size_64x19mm.gif 64mm x 19mm A great choice for a slightly more discreet look.
    NAME BADGE SIZE 70X30MM ROUNDED CORNERS.jpg 70mm x 30mm Only available in white and brushed silver option ( not matt silver or brushed gold)
  • (4) With or without border?Border

    NAME BADGE_BORDER_NONE.jpg No Border Choose this option if you require a smart "clean" look
    NAME BADGE_BORDER_BLACK.jpg Black Border A black external border to dress up your badge. Not available for 70x30mm sized badges
    NAME BADGE_BORDER_SILVER.jpg Silver Border A silver external border adds a nice touch to your name badge. Not available for 70x30mm sized badges
    NAME BADGE_BORDER_GOLD.jpg Gold Border A gold external border to "sassy up" up your name badge. Not available for 70x30mm sized badges
  • (5) Which fastener do you prefer?Fastener

    quote_name_badge_fastener_supa_mag.png Supa-Mag Fastener Our magnetic fastener is suitable for womens fabrics
    quote_name_badge_fastener_mega_mag.png Mega-Mag Fastener XXtra Strong - 50% stronger and is perfect for thicker fabrics
    quote_interlockingmagnet.jpg Lock-Mag Fastener This style of magnet is strong and unique to Badge World
    NAME BADGE_FASTENER_PIN.jpg Pin Fastener This is our standard pin fastener option
    NAME BADGE_FASTENER_CLIP PIN.jpg Clip/Pin Combo Fastener Our combo fastener is suitable for shirt and lapel options
    NAME BADGE_FASTENER_ROTATING CLIP PIN.jpg Rotating Clip/Pin Combo A combo rotating fastener option for special applications
    executive_name_badge_fastener_none.gif No Fastener Choose this option if you do not require an attachment fastener
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    1 - 50 4 days 3 days 2 days 1 day
    51 - 100 5 days 4 days 3 days 2 days
    101 - 250
    6 days 5 days 4 days 3 days
    251 - 500 7 days 6 days 5 days 4 days
    501 - 1000 10 days 9 days 8 days 7 days
    1000+ TBA TBA TBA TBA
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