Name Badge Gallery

Here is a sample of our extensive name badge range showcasing the quality and various materials and finishes available.

Badge World has been a  dedicated badge printer and manufacturer since 2004 and has created an enviable reputation in the Australian name badge market. For a great online experience and fabulous product get a instant quote from any of the products below

White Metal, Gel-Glaze

White Metal, Gel-Glaze

White Plastic, Gel-Glaze

White Metal Badge,Gel-Glaze

Silver Metal Badge,Gel Glaze

Silver Metal Name Badge

Gold Metal Badge,Gel Glaze

Colour Badge,Textured effect

White Name Badge,Gel Glaze

White Metal

White Plastic

Wood Background Badge

White metal Badge,Gel Glaze

Silver Metal, Gel-Glaze

Silver Metal Name Badge

White Metal, Gel-Glaze

Gold Metal Badge,Gel Glaze

Silver Metal Badge,Gel Glaze

Brushed Silver, Gel-Glaze

White Plastic

Gel Glaze Badge,Silver Border

Gold Metal Name Badge

Lapel Pin : Enamel Filled

Lapel Pin : Printed, Gel-Glaze

Lapel Pin : Hard Enamel

Lapel Pin : Enamel Fill

Lapel Pin : Soft Enamel

Lapel Pin : Enamel,Gel-Glaze

Lapel Pin : Die Struck & Colour

Lapel Pin : Etched Enamel

Lapel Pin : Printed,Gel-Glaze

Lapel Pin: Die Struck Enamel

Lapel Pin: Spin Cast Pewter

Lapel Pin : Die Cast-Zinc Alloy

Lapel Pin : Etched Soft Enamel

Soft Enamel Lapel ,Gel-Glaze